MMAMV Rally – Australian Firefighters Alliance

Rain, hail or shine, the members of Australian Firefighters Alliance (AFA) were determined to take part in the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination global event (MMAMV) which took place on Saturday in Sydney’s Hyde Park, Melbourne CBD, the Gold Coast, and several other locations across the nation.

With flags, signs, turn-out pants, and some freshly printed AFA t-shirts (thanks to Marianne for achieving that great feat in only a matter of days) they were loud, proud, and visible in the sea of like-minded and pro-choice members of the wider community.

With simultaneous peaceful rallies in numerous regional locations across Australia, Australian Firefighters Alliance were advocating not only for the rights of firefighters, but also the rights of every individual who wishes to retain autonomy over their own body and stand up to the unlawful mandates and increasing overreach of the current governments.

Regardless of how the day was reported by mainstream media, those that were present (and those numbers run well into the hundreds of thousands) know that spirits were high, despite the rain in Sydney, and the atmosphere was one of peaceful, but galvanised, solidarity. A sense of Australians uniting for a common goal and walking away strengthened and reinvigorated to continue the push for justice, despite the hardships many are currently facing.

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